People of all ages have been enjoying the art of airbrush bodyart for decades. From supporting a favorite team to rocking a barb-wire arm band like a star. They make up part of the growing, $23B wearables market, proving they are here to stay.

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We’re pioneering a whole new industry in the most exciting way possible. With proprietary combination of components, our robot, TA2, uses our iDZ9 airbrush technology, delivers precise material usage, and serves up a consistent, forward-thinking bodyart experience for consumers of all ages. TA2 is efficient and ready to work 10,000 hours.

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Innovation starts with the User Experience. Our fans control the creation by selecting body placement, choosing their favorite image, picking a size, and selecting from over 40,000 color combinations. Imaginations run wild and create memories that are shared through pixels of content for the world to see. Consumers demand new experiences, and our program ColorsThatCare donates a portion of these proceeds to each community food bank.

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iTATU, interactive Temporary Airbrush Technology Unit, automates the personalized temporary airbrush tattoo and face-painting experience for anyone, anywhere, at a price everyone can afford.

Over the past 18 years our manual operations have had the amazing privilege of being a part of 500,000+ colorful memories by teaming up with some of the best in Myrtle Beach, SC, like Hard Rock Cafe, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, and local Crabby Mike’s Seafood Buffet.

We built iTATU to unlock the power of creativity in people worldwide. In three minutes or less, using the (UI) touchscreen system a customer signs up, selects body location, image, and color combination for the perfect personalized airbrush experience. This groundbreaking innovation is the quantum leap forward that is taking airbrush bodyart to a whole new level.

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